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Shear Baler Machine

Shear Balers are employed as the compactors in the car crushing industry, for the regaining of waste from industrial procedures as well as in the recycling industry. The machines are particularly efficient for the processing of scrap materials. These are the versatile machines exclusively designed as well as developed for a wide ambit of applications such as baling, shearing, and logging of a variety of metal scrap materials. These are the preferred machines suited for customers who have to function on assorted sites or offer scrap processing as a service. The design stands for productivity as well as durability with no compromises on reliability and quality.
Horizontal Scrap Shear
Horizontal Scrap Shear
The house of “ARS BRAND RECYCLING MACHINES” proudly introduces “HORIZONTAL SCRAP SHEAR” IN INDIA to solve all scrap processing problems of a Melting Furnace with a single machine without any labors only need one operator.